29 before 29

I've always had my eyes set on certain goals but, most of the time, they remain scribbles at the back of old receipts and scratch papers - ready to be forgotten once the next round of wallet emptying occurs. Now, I've decided to cast it in stone (if a blog was ever considered fit for such a term) just so I get to look at it everyday without it ever ending up greying and crumpled on the sidewalk. And, just because I love to torture myself, I need to do everything by the time I'm 29. Pressure's on! (Highlighted in violet = done!)
  1. Be a TED (or TEDx) speaker!
  2. Freelance! 
  3. Go backpacking solo in Batanes!
  4. Acquire basic Photoshop ninja skillz.
  5. Go backpacking solo in Sagada!
  6. Whip up a mean cocktail!
  7. Say hello to Mt. Pinatubo.
  8. Finish a half marathon!
  9. Go bask in Panagbenga Festival flowers!
  10. Go treeplanting in IPO Watershed, Angat Dam!
  11. Learn a new an extreme water an actual sport!
  12. ...and go snorkeling in Palawan!
  13. But first... conquer fear of swimming!
  14. Buy a Macbook Pro!
  15. ...and a Samsung Galaxy Tab!
  16. ...and a Canon DSLR!
  17. Purchase a 1-bedroom condo.
  18. Fill said condo's wall with doodles!
  19. Publish a novel!
  20. Create a documentary video!
  21. Celebrate Pahiyas Festival with the locals! (Bonus points for being part of the preparations!)
  22. Join a Festival of the Black Nazarene procession! (Bonus points for not fainting!)
  23. Be shortlisted as a guest/co-host in a TLC program!
  24. Conquer Mt. (friggin!) Pulag!
  25. Take the not-so-usual route in Bohol!
  26. Finish this list... ;D


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