Monday, February 22, 2010

Cuckoo Cooking

What with all the basil leaves and the strawberries we had from a friend's produce-hoarding gig in Baguio, we decided to hold a simple cooking get-together of some sort so we'd be able to make sure that our stash don't go to waste. Having a little close to nothing to pool together, we settled for the easy way out and threw in a few of those that have been lying in our own cupboards and food containers maximizing their shelf lives but not too much as to go beyond it. I, for one, am a fan of experimental cooking so I had a blast trying to concoct stuff out of what was available, though I'm not pretty sure if most of what I came up with were as wild as other experimental cooks out there dare to do. But, at any rate, it was settled: pesto pasta with tuna, deep-fried oreos, strawberries, and strawberry-banana milkshake. (Click on each dish to view the recipe)

But, certainly, with two photographers and four camwhores in the pack, we're never too busy for vain shots. At 397 MB's worth of pictures clogging up my system with 70.45% (yes, I computed that, seriously!) of total photos dedicated for camwhoring, it turned out to be more of a photoshoot and less of a cookfest. Vanity rocks!

Emily, photographer extraordinaire, setting up the tripod

(Supposedly) washing the dishes

But, of course, no photoshoot is ever complete without the telenovela/emo pose. Hoho! Care to suggest a title for the picture below?

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