Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Kids simply want to be heard, amidst all that highly adult-influenced train of thought that goes on in their grey matter every synapse-click of the way. And, we can't blame them for every single thing they say. After all, we've all had our share of dabbling our hands into their tongues and it's time we 'fess up that it's partly our own doing that they have come to be who they are.

This blog, amidst all those mishmash of topics that you'll encounter here, is an ode, nay, a celebration offered to those kids who say the darndest things - them with their unfettered linguistics and their stream of consciousness monologues, products of different insights sieved to create one's own. May this blog follow their lead in speaking truths that need not be censored by maturity.

I am Aviel and this is "When Good and Aviel Collide". If you've got any problems with this blog (or the color pink), I'm gonna ask this girl to get you and kick your... Oh, just watch.

Photo Credits:
[.] Penguin Baby by ~JazzaMaTazz100

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