Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goodbye, Kantar Worldpanel

I'm normally not a man of few words but I have to say that my exit left me rather speechless. I've always been hard up at saying goodbyes but I do hope this suffices. Today I bid goodbye to the organization which willingly taught me the essential tools of the market research trade. As I end my eleven-month sashay with TNS + Kantar Worldpanel, I bring with me all the memories I've shared - all the laughter and downright crazy coping mechanisms - with each and every friend I've gained along the way. It has been truly a wonderful ride to be in the company of people who have made it their ultimate goal to deliver actionable insights to all our clients come hell or high water. With that, I leave inspired.

To where I shall go next, only fate will know. (Though I do have an idea where but I'd leave it unmentioned until my official starting day.)

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