Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MEniverse: Globe Puts ME in the Center

I have a love-hate relationship with my Globe Tattoo plug-it ever since I had it though I've yet to decide on what emotion weighs more. It was me during my most intimate moments online (and not the type that you are thinking right now, perv) - blogging, Facebooking, and trying to cram a report or two as time passes by. As such, it took me some time to conclude that my patience has run dry on waiting for that ray of light, that ever-elusive spike in my download speed every time I fire up Google Chrome. Once, twice, but rarely three times, I'd rejoice over a YouTube video fully loaded or an online radio station streamed. But, with so much of that, I knew how to game the system - or at least that's how it appeared to be.

I surfed during the wee hours of the night and during the early parts of the morning when my kbps, if not Mbps, are all shooting to the stars like crazy and my TweetDeck is silent. I squatted at the edge of my bed, never in the middle or near the wall, as my laptop seared indistinct red blotches into my thighs. I enjoyed the mild discomforts of bad posture and bad breath as I huffed and puffed to have my fix of the online world.

But, all that changed yesterday when that world came tumbling down all because my Globe Tattoo connection went kaput. It took me more than three hours of shifting my weight from one leg to the other, tumbling around every imaginable corner of my bed, and pacing back and forth my house just to get that increasingly evasive signal. And when I did, I quickly jumped on the chance to inform everyone else (simply because I am a narcissistic person hungry for attention like that) and what better way to do so than a post in Facebook which says:

Obviously, that little status of mine automatically got posted in Globe Tattoo's wall, as well as in Smart Communications, Inc.'s wall, which I'm guessing had the former's brand handler worried. Why wouldn't he/she be? Their wall is plastered with a barrage of complaints, if not insults (a lot written in jeje, mind you!) about their speed. But amidst the heavy downpour of piercing words, their "Chat Assist Representative" (that's what I gather from reading the wall) was generous enough to send me a PM:

...and immediately, I felt like the world revolved around me. Globe, a 57-billion peso strong company, was listening to me, talking with me, and bowing down to me. "In this YOUNIVERSE, mobile and internet are one and you are at its center". Indeed, their tagline was more than just lip service.

How did Globe Tattoo pull this off? Through people the likes of Faith.

Truth be told, I admire Faith to have to brave through all of the trash talk (a handful of those directed at her) being in the forefront (the pawn, if that were a more fitting term) of handling the brand in its social media efforts. And it's people like Faith that pull me, the consumer, back to the brand, despite messed-up signal and detrimental back posture, just because they know how to connect with me in my own language. And simply because Faith reminds me that behind the seemingly impenetrable force of a huge label, those oiling the machinery behind it are people...

...just like us.

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