Sunday, October 10, 2010

CDMP Week: Introduction

This week, I pay homage to the wonderful world of digital marketing (and because, partly, I need to have all my essays submitted immediately) based from the learnings I gained from the one-year diploma course I'm currently enrolled in.

As you may all know, I'm taking up the Certified Digital Marketer Program (formerly known as Digital Marketing Diploma Program) with the hopes of becoming the digital marketer I ought to be. The program is a collaborative effort between Ateneo's Center for Continuing Education and the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines. It was designed primarily to accommodate people who wants to gain knowledge about digital marketing without having to sacrifice their current lifestyle. I'm talking about hours within your control, baby! It's module based and mostly online therefore everything you have to go through is laid out in front of you and it is completely up to you to determine your pace and timing. Should you wish to learn more, come visit their Facebook page here and their official website here.

As said, this week will be all about digital though I'm guessing that most of my previous posts are. For this week, however, I'll try to make it different. A number of people are not aware of digital marketing, let alone digital marketing. As such, if this goes well as planned, I'll come up with snippets of the digital marketing experience and explain it in a manner with which a lot of us could possibly relate to. And, what better way to discuss this than with a rather corny character named Aling Nena.

Aling Nena is your typical businesswoman who managed to set up a Japanese corn stall called Wakarima-corn in Katipunan Avenue, where she's faced with fierce competition, clutter (as Katipunan Avenue is filled with so many Japanese corn stalls), and a choosy target demographic in the persona of Sophia, an 18-year old carefree Ateneo de Manila University student whose breaks are dedicated towards scouting for cheap but good eats near her college site.

Let Aling Nena and Sophia take you on a journey of how her efforts offline reflects efforts that digital marketers like you are most apt to take.



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UPDATE: To supplement this week's, uhm, crash course on digital marketing, you may opt to check out what 2011 have in store for marketers in term of social media. Click, click!

[.] Corn by Azmil77
[.] Corn and Cigarettes by Starry Eyed

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