Saturday, July 10, 2010

Omigod, You Guys!

"Omigod! Omigod, you guys! Looks like Elle's gonna win the prize!" and definitely, she did! Who would have thought that a musical take on a movie about chirpy-voiced preppy sorority girls grating on about parties, fashion, and boys would turn out to be so interesting? I certainly didn't but, amidst all the pink, the musical was well worth the watch!

I've seen the movie a few years' back and I have to admit that it was, at the very least, pretty decent. I had to let someone drag me into watching the musical counterpart as I was so sure that it was just another ploy to milk the plot for what its worth. I daresay, I stand corrected. I had a blast watching this one! In more ways than one, Legally Blonde the Musical trumps Legally Blonde the Movie. And, why not? What the movie lacks in energy and in impact, the musical compensates for and more!

Indeed, the musical follows the movie's storyline closely but adds to the mix a fresh (and glittery) vibe which renders audiences at a loss on which came first and which ripped off from which: the movie or the musical? (The answer: the novel came first and both movie and musical are adaptations of the said work.) At the very least, you're still in for a number of surprises even if you've watched Reese Witherspoon ham it up with the camera.

At any rate, it was two parts jolly good fun and one part social critique: a play which starts with a most unstable chemistry of stereotypes between bumbling corn-haired rich girls and intellectually rigid law school only to be ground to dust - pink dust, no less - in the end.

Nikki Gil stars as Elle Woods, Nyoy Volante as Emmett Forrest, Guji Lorenzana as Warner Huntington III, Cris Villonco as Vivienne Kensington, Jinky Llamanzares as Paulette Bonafonte, Jett Pangan as Professor Callahan, Calvin Millado as Dewey/Kyle and and Geneva Cruz as Brooke Wyndham.

For more info, check out their Facebook page here. For schedules and ticket reservations, click here.

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