Saturday, July 3, 2010

Starting Over

A lot have happened since my last blog, globally:
  1. Ricky Martin Comes Out (I hear them ladies crying already)
  2. International Homophobia Day
  3. The BP Oil Spill

  1. The graduation of the class of 2010 (members of which need to read this)
  2. (closely followed by) The Manny V. Pangilinan plagiarism stir
  3. The Launch of Magnolia Limited Edition Ice Cream made from Good Shepherd Ube (Oooh, yeah!)
  4. The Inauguration of P-Noy
  5. The James Yap-Kris Aquino Split (and I just had to say that)

And personally. In the last few days (months?) that have passed, I’ve gone through a number of events worth celebrating:
  1. I moved to a new house (somewhere nearer the office) with my 4-year roommate
  2. I went wrestling for food in Mayohan
  3. I almost kissed an albino carabao in Pahiyas
  4. I hiked up ten-thousand steps (I exaggerate) to shake hands with Kamay ni Hesus
  5. I passed my first performance evaluation (with lots of praises, thank you very much!)
  6. I broke my heart a couple of times (yes, that is still worth the mention)
  7. I dished out expletives on missing lots of airline budget fares for domestic destinations
  8. ... and a whole lot more.
And, at this point in time, I feel like I've cheated my readers, if not myself, the opportunity to open myself up to the world (which this blog was originally intended for). As such, this post serves as a vow - a promise, if you may - that I will fill this space with so much more of what I failed to do in the past. Having said that, allow me to apologize for the long hiatus.

Let's start over. Shall we?

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